by the best GREEK bakery and pastry chefs 



Our coffee is different!

”El Greco” ‘s Coffee is a journey. The path from the seed, through the harvest and selection of the best grains and their mixing to roasting, is the way of the real coffee admirers. Among the thousands who sell coffee, few are interested in this trip. It inspires us!




At our place you can enjoy unforgettable tastes at any time.

In ”El Greco” the bakers who knead the bread also prepare a very rich range of bakery products with the same passion, skill and craftsmanship: ”banitza” with real cheese and butter, ”tutmanik”, croissants, pretzels, cheese-sticks crackers, Easter cakes and more … Our products are inspired by the traditional flavours from Bulgaria, Greece and all over the world… And all of them are hand-made by our bakers with their love of traveling through tradition!


The smell of bread! The smell of home!

Good real bread requires skillfulness, patience and time.

We choose flour of the highest quality, knead the dough and give it the necessary time to rise before putting it in the oven on a stone plate. Only in this way the bread has a good crust and soft crumb at the same time. This is the tradition. We respect it. That is why our bread is balmy, delicious, real and lasts for days.

The taste of bread! The taste of tradition! The scent of childhood!



When you are a baker chef, you turn everyday breakfast into a work of art, as long as you do not compromise with the quality of the products. Real butter, Parma prochuto, brined cheese, Bulgarian ripe yellow cheese, buffalo mozzarella, Spanish jamon, Greek olives…

All of them wrapped in a warm, balmy country bread or crunchy French baguette…. What else does a man need! Inspired by tradition, we turn a simple breakfast into a delightful journey.


”El Greco” – a colourful palette of sweet temptations!

Who would resist a fluffy eclair filled with aromatic vanilla cream covered with thick Belgian chocolate!

Our pastry chefs rely on the well-known common traditional Bulgarian and Greek recipes, but at the same time walk us through the sophisticated French and world flavours ….…. Hand-made chocolate candies and small sweets, Greek ”portokalopita”, Bulgarian ”peaches”, cream cones, ”kisses”….


The irresistible jelatto ”El Greco”!

”El Greco” gelato is a natural product made on site using high quality fresh milk, Belgian chocolate, fresh fruits, featuring unique flavours of ice cream – ”kadaif”, ice cream – Easter cake, browny, orange pie, etc…. It is really worth it to try them all, and you will surely find your favorite taste and be addicted to it!


Our 100% Premium Arabica coffee is imported as green beans from five specific farms from around the globe. The baking process is carried out according to the most stringent technological procedures and is monitored by our specialists. We prepare a batch of new harvests every year and we make the roasting and packaging in our own base in Greece, just before transporting it to ”El Greco”. So our coffee is always fresh and retains its wonderful taste and aroma.

We can offer each variety individually, as well as our premium blend of all varieties. 

And for all coffee lovers we offer small, convenient package bags and good tips to take home!


Country of Origin: Brazil
Farm: South Minas Gerais
Altitude: 1200 м

Caramel, nuts, raisins, milk chocolate, pure aftertaste, full body

Sidama Nansebo

Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Farm: West Arusi
Altitude: 2300 м

Berries, Expressive citrus accents, spicy, sweet, full body


Country of Origin: Guatemala
Farm: Jasmin SHB EP
Altitude: 1400 м

Jasmine, apple, sweet, tangerine, delicate body


Country of Origin: Columbia
Farm: Tolima
Altitude: 2100 м

Raisins, green apple, walnut, average acidity, delicate body и balanced cup


Caturra, Catuai

Country of Origin: Costa Rica
Altitude: 1800 м

Soft taste, fin chocolate scent, full body, average acidity



”El Greco”! We are a group of old friends – Greeks and Bulgarians, who love traveling and good food. We travel all over Bulgaria and Greece and around the world, searching and collecting flavours and recipes that carry unique national cultural spirit. Our passion for cooking and traveling gave birth to the idea of offering Plovdiv, a city with ancient traditions and a millennial crossroad of many different cultures, a delightful journey through food.

Our idea has attracted experienced bakers and pastry chefs from Greece, who eagerly became part of our team. They enthusiastically aim to offer the citizens of Plovdiv and its visitors the original, genuine Greek flavours while, at the same time, driven by their great interest and respect of the Bulgarian national cuisine, strive to unite traditional flavours from Bulgaria, Greece and all over the world.


Freddo Espresso

Freddo Cappuccino

Ice Frappe

Greek twisted Bread

Тhessaloniki pretzel

Greak Easter cake


"Buirek" made with pulled fillo dough with various fillings

Salty buns and cheese sticks

Cheese-sticks crackers

Petit fours




Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Oreo Cake

Biscuit Cake

Caramel Cake

Caramel Cake

Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake

Cheese Cake

Bueno Cake


As ardent admirers of good food, we value its quality. We only use genuine products, which guarantee the good taste of the food we offer. That is why we work with carefully selected manufacturers who adhere to high standards and guarantee consistent quality.

We rely on strictly natural ingredients and we prepare all our products right in front of you – always fresh, keeping the best traditions.

Our goal is to bring back to life the authentic flavours and original recipes prepared in the traditional ways.

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