Who are we

”El Greco”! We are a group of old friends – Greeks and Bulgarians, who love traveling and good food. We travel all over Bulgaria and Greece and around the world, searching and collecting flavours and recipes that carry unique national cultural spirit. Our passion for cooking and traveling gave birth to the idea of offering Plovdiv, a city with ancient traditions and a millennial crossroad of many different cultures, a delightful journey through food.

Our idea has attracted experienced bakers and pastry chefs from Greece, who eagerly became part of our team. They enthusiastically aim to offer the citizens of Plovdiv and its visitors the original, genuine Greek flavours while, at the same time, driven by their great interest and respect of the Bulgarian national cuisine, strive to unite traditional flavours from Bulgaria, Greece and all over the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire and touch everyone through our experience, our food, and our passion. To offer a lifetime journey of tastes and flavours from Greece, Bulgaria and many various countries around the world.

In ”El Greco”, every day is different. Our pastry and bakery chefs turn gastronomy into memorable everyday moments of delight. One sip of coffee, one bite, one moment of bliss that will bring a smile to your face and make your day….

Relish every moment in ”El Greco” as the journey goes on and the passion for food never ends!

“EL Greco” Loves ART

In ”El Greco” taste of food and taste of art are intertwined. The art of tastes we create in ”El Greco” links to the art in all its forms which surrounds us and bestows beauty on all our senses.

We provide exhibition space where artists and photographers from Plovdiv and the whole country display their works and have direct contact with a wide audience. And all our clients and visitors get the unique chance to satisfy all their senses, enjoying the delightful products and pieces of art in ”El Greco”!

The Building

The modernist building of the 1930s, which is a cultural monument, also carries a tradition. In the process of the major renovation that we performed to restore its previous grandeur, an inscription with the name of the famous Bay Kocho Zafirov’s tavern from the late 1930s – “Razlaka” was revealed.

As it was written in the newspapers of that time: “… We have the coziest atmosphere, the fastest servants, the most perfect hygiene….Visit us and you will see it for yourself! “

For us, it was a wonderful sign of fate, in the spirit of our concept for traveling through time and space, a journey through tastes, a journey towards tradition.

In this sense, respecting the tradition, we have preserved the inscription and incorporated it into the contemporary vision of our establishment. And we want not only to keep the traditional outlook of the building from the past, but we also strive to revive the tradition of “… the best setting and quality of service … Visit us and you will see it for yourself!”

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